How to Schedule a Meeting

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click the my meetings tab and then schedule a new meeting.

    The new meeting form is displayed. (See picture on the second page)
  3. Give your meeting a Subject.
  4. Choose a meeting code:
    1. personal link
    2. one-time code
  5. Give your meeting a Start and End time. Tip: Make sure you set the correct time zone.
  6. Add Participants.
  7. Include Notes that appear as "Notes from the organizer" in the invitation.
  8. If you plan on using the conference line, click audio information in the invitation and select theconference numbers to include in the invitation.
  9. Save your meeting or send it:
    • Click save draft if you aren't ready to send the invitation yet
    • Click schedule to send the invitation to participants

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