HoudiniESQ - How to change your password

The below instructions do not apply to Public users of Houdini. If you are a member of the Public and you need to change your password for Houdini, then please use this form to create a Support ticket



Due to the sensitivity of the information contained within Houdini it is strongly recommended that you change your password from the default password that was given to you to something that is more secure.

**Please note that whenever you change your password you may need to update your password in the Outlook and Word Houdini plug-ins.**

  1. Sign into Houdini with your current username and password.
  2. Click on 'Settings and then 'Profile'

  3. Once your Profile settings page opens click in the Password box, clear out the contents and type in your new password. All passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters.

    Since it will not have you type your password in a second time to confirm/verify the spelling it is important that you type in the new password correctly.

  4. Once you press "Save" at the bottom of the screen the password will be updated and the next time you attempt to sign into Houdini you will be required to use your new password. As there is no password confirmation field it is suggested that you immediately sign out of Houdini and attempt to sign back in with your new password to verify that it works. If you are unable to log in then please contact IT Support so that we may assist you in getting back into the system.







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