Why does a previous client appear when I sign into Houdini?

Whenever the "Click Now to Activate Inquiry" link is clicked a new intake is created. If the link is clicked more than once then a duplicate, incomplete intake will be created. This happens every time the verification link is clicked. The way Houdini works is that whenever you sign into the program it displays any and all incomplete intakes that are attached to your account, in descending order.  This can go unnoticed until you need to sign in and Amend a Right to Sue or file a Complaint for a new client.

The only way to resolve the issue is to contact ITsupport@dfeh.ca.gov with the client name that is being displayed so we can go into the system and delete the duplicate, incomplete intakes. This issue can be entirely avoided by only clicking once on the "Click Now to Activate Inquiry" link that was received in the "Please Confirm Your Email" message.

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