Right to Sue not saving Statement of Facts / Summary of Harms

This has been resolved as of 2014-06-06. You can now copy and paste data into the text boxes on the complaint form, assuming you do not exceed the character limit.


There is a bug that is causing the system to not always save text that was copied from Microsoft Word and pasted into the Summary of Harms textbox. This typically happens when there are special characters present, but it sometimes occurs when there are no special characters. Until the issue is resolved please either type your statement of facts using a different text editor, such as Notepad, or type the text directly into the Summary of Harms textbox. If you type your statement directly into the textbox it is recommended that you copy the text out and paste it into Notepad or another text editor so you have a copy of the information.


Updated 2014-06-16 2:27pm

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